Charleston Marketing is under new ownership!

Charleston Marketing, a bilingual marketing company started by Shoshanna Szuch in 2002, has been purchased by Point 4 Design, LLC. The transaction was completed on April 16, 2008.

In 2002 Shoshanna Szuch picked up her desktop publishing, sales and marketing skills and combined her passion for the Spanish language and people, and called it Professional Outsource Group. To her it was a no-brainer, professional website design and marketing services that are provided as an outsourcing solution for companies that could not afford a full time person with these skills. After 6 months of meeting business owners and networking, she found that most people were puzzled by the name of her marketing business.

In an effort to make it easier for prospective clients to understand what services the company offered, she thought about businesses that made it big with a name that told a story. Her first thought was Boston Market, which started in Boston as a take-out restaurant and is now a national chain. From there, she quickly thought of Charleston Marketing - makes sense, marketing services for Charleston businesses. Of course her web savvy mind went immediately to perform a search for It was available! Say no more, she thought.

For four years Shoshanna enjoyed meeting and serving business owners of small start-ups. Her networking skills, compassion and thriving nature to solve business problems helped her grow Charleston Marketing. Over the years she provided freelance and employment opportunities to creative-types and website programmers.

As time progressed, she met other successful marketing minds and valued their wealth of knowledge. She soon was offered a marketing position with a firm who's owner she greatly admired. Around the same time, Shoshanna met Brad Young, owner of Point 4 Design, LLC and one day asked if he'd be interested in owning Charleston Marketing. There was no way she could operate her business with a fulltime job. Without hesitation he agreed to purchase the business. With a one year transition period, the transfer of ownership was completed on April 16, 2008.

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